Russian Studies Workshop

The goal of the Russian Studies Workshop is to reinvigorate social science training and research on Russia at Indiana University, and to bring that expertise to a broader audience through innovative scholarship and critical expertise. A central feature of the RSW program is to achieve these goals through collaboration with Russian scholars, and to use technology and reorganization of Centers and Laboratories at Russian universities and research centers to build new relationships. WE are working to achieve these goals by building ties to Russian scholars from across the social science disciplines and at all stages of training and academic careers.

In the first year of the program we have focused on raising the profile of Russian studies on IU’s campus and experimenting with new tools for graduate training. Our accomplishments since receiving the grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York in October 2016, including:

  •  Funding for IU graduate students from five disciplines to attend the ASEEES conference and build their personal networks with US and Russian scholars;
  • The recruitment of two new PhD candidates in political science and with supplemental funding to recruit RSW MA candidates;
  • Ongoing funding for IU graduate students to work in Russia on topics from electoral competition, to corruption and the Russia-Ukrainian refugee crisis as well as support for conference travel, methods training, and dissertation write up;
  • Sponsorship of new PhD candidates from IU and other universities to attend the Summer Language Workshop;
  • A series of lectures by scholars working in academia and the policy community on bringing social science research to a broader audience;
  • An ongoing telebridge workshop series with Russian colleagues at all stages focusing on work in progress, including dissertation proposals, papers, and book proposals;
  • Co-sponsorship of several talks and seminars on US-Russia Relations, the Russian Legacy in Cuba, The Political Economy of Contemporary Autocracy, and
  • Co-sponsorship of two major conferences “Repression and Resilience in Russia’s Public Sphere,” featuring leading figures in Russia’s media scene, as well as the annual SOYUZ conference;
  • A partnership with Professor Gardener Bovingdon exploring the role of area studies in the contemporary university setting within the context of a graduate seminar;
  • An inventive Siberian Studies initiative that builds ties to scholars across the region and extend IU’s presence in the region.

In the coming year, the RSW will welcome three post-doctoral candidates working in religious studies, geography and political science. We will also welcome ten short term Russian visitors who are collaborating with IU research teams on projects from comparative education, and federalism to urban protest and family life. We are looking forward to impressive conferences at the IU Gateway in Berlin, an expansion of our telebridge workshop series, and partnership with centers across campus to bring Russia-focused research to a broader audience.

Carnegie awards $1 million to Indiana University to strengthen Russian studies

Interview with RSW Director Professor Regina Smyth on NPR’s “Here and Now,” Oct 26, 2016

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